Pistachio Nuts

Physical – Microbiological Requirements:
a) Living parasites none
b) Impurities max. 1 %
c) Mould none

d) Remnants of shell 0,2 %

Chemical Requirements:
a) Moisture max. 6 %
b) Phostoxin max. 0.01 mg / kg
c) Peroxide max. 2 mval / kg

Microbiological Requirements:
a) Aerobic total count max. 100,000/ g
b) Coliforms max. 1,000 / g
c) E. coli max .10/ g
d) Salmonellae negative /25 g
e) Yeast and mould fungus max. 10,000/ g
f) Aflatoxin B1 max. 2 ppb
g) Aflatoxin B1 + B2 + G1 + G2 max . 4 ppb


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