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Its density is 0.915 – 1.13 g / cm.
Flexible and has a specific gravity of 0.92.
Its tensile strength is 8 to 12 MPa.
Crystallization capacity is low, which is about 50-60%.
The melting point of LDPE is 275 degrees F (115 to 135 degrees Celsius).
Semitransparent or translucent
It is not resistant to sterilization by heat.
Resistant to moisture and chemicals, as well as constant changes in tempo
This material can use to store food because all food storage guidelines are metrature.


Advantages of LDPE

  • Due to its low costs, it helps lower the price of the final product.
  • These materials can recycle and therefore reused.
  • These are lattice products, so they are very suitable for slider surfaces.


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