Botox 100iu and 200iu

Buy Allergan Botox online for reducing the facial wrinkles and certain therapeutic purposes such as upper limb spasticity, eye disorders, hyperhidrosis, overactive bladder etc. We supply manufacturer sealed Allergan Botox in different variations which are enumerated as follows: a-(1X50iu) b-(1x100iu) c-(1x200iu)

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What is Allergan Botox?
an allergen is a company which manufactures drugs and medical devices. It provides innovative products for different countries. There are a number of cosmetic treatments such as reduction or removal of the wrinkles occurring in the face because of external or internal reasons, for which Allergan Botox treatment is done. It has also received FDA approval for this purpose. There is a well established and a diversified commercial existence of Allergan Pharmaceuticals. Its presence is found in over 100 global markets. It provides for the products that are used in the treatment of a number of ailments associated with the central nervous system, ophthalmology, medical aesthetics, gastroenterology, women’s health, urology, cardiovascular and anti-infective therapeutic categories. Not only this, but it also provides injectable drugs that are used for cosmetic enhancement purposes.

Where to buy Allergan Botox?
You can purchase Allergan Botox from our online pharmaceutical store. We ship the products to a number of places worldwide.

Uses of drug Allergan Botox FDA has approved the use of Allergan Botox for cosmetic enhancement as well as for a number of therapeutic purposes which includes the treatment of upper limb spasticity, eye disorders, hyperhidrosis, overactive bladder etc. For cosmetic purposes, it is used for the smoothening of forehead lines, crow’s feet, lines present in the nose which are known as bunny lines, skin bands present in the neck as well as lines present around the mouth which are called as smoker’s lines, the down-turned mouth corners, as well as for dimpling the chins.

Allergan Botox application
Fine needles are used by the physicians to apply Botox into the muscles. You may face a little discomfort during the Allergan Botox application. It takes a few minutes to complete the process and the outcome appears in 3-7 days or about 2 weeks. According to the location where it is applied, it lasts for a period of 6-12 months. But it varies from person to person, the amount injected to the location and the rate at which it gets metabolized in your body. In case your body metabolized it quickly, its effectiveness lasts for a shorter duration. Once its effectiveness is over, you need to undergo the treatment again in order to make sure that its youthful impact on your skin doesn’t vanish.

How does Allergan Botox work?
Allergan Botox works on the area where it is injected, by paralyzing or weakening the facial muscles. It occurs as the nerves connected to these muscles are blocked. But this doesn’t prevent you from expressing your emotions. It is only that the skin appears more rejuvenated and youthful than before. After the application of Botox, you will be restricted from making excessive frowns or grimaces which forms one of the primary reasons behind the appearance of wrinkles.

Side effects of Allergan Botox
There are certain common side-effects which appear after the administration of Botox. Usually, they last for 24-48 hours. But sometimes serious side-effects occur which are quite rare. Its side-effects are described below:

Experiencing drooping of the eyebrow or eyelids.
You may notice that the mouth corners start drooping because of which people won’t be able to use straw in the area where it is injected. 5.The occurrence of loss of strength or weakness of the muscles after getting the Botox treatment.
In case the toxin spreads away from the site where it is injected, it can lead to very serious symptoms such as : Experiencing a weakness of the muscles all over. The occurrence of a loss of strength. The occurrence of double vision. The occurrence of blurred vision. Because of this reason, driving a car or doing any activity that needs proper attention should be avoided in order to prevent any mishap. The occurrence of loss of control over the bladder. Experiencing a change, hoarseness or loss of voice. Facing difficulty while swallowing. Facing trouble while breathing. 5.The occurrence of serious allergic reactions such as rash, itching, wheezing asthma symptoms, itchy welts.
Feeling dizzy and fainting.
Experiencing dryness of mouth.
Precautions: The following precautions need to be taken after the Botox treatment in order to ensure no or minimum side-effects:

You must not rub the area where the injection is applied, for 12 hrs after the injection.
It is advisable to take rest for about 3-4 hrs after the treatment.
Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not opt for the treatment.
Avoid Botox treatment in case you have a neurological or muscle disorder. Inform your doctor about ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, myasthenia gravis, or Lambert-Eaton syndrome, as this may lead to swallowing and breathing issues even after injecting the normal doses of Botox.
If you have an allergy to albumin, any constituent of Botox or any product of botulinum toxin such as Myobloc, Xeomin etc. you must stay away from Botox.
In case you have an infection or wound at the injection site, then you should wait till it heals, before using Botox.
If you have any plan of having a face surgery in future, you face problem while lifting your eyebrows or encounter any abnormal changes in the appearance of the face after the treatment, then you need to inform the doctor immediately.
Inform the doctor about all the prescription, no-rescription or herbal medicines, vitamins etc which you are taking, so that the doctor can advise you about which one to avoid, in order to prevent the interaction of the medications with Botox. Avoid taking any new medicine, after the treatment without seeking the doctor’s advice.
Tell your doctor exactly about the Botulinum toxin product you have taken in the last 4 months if any.
You should also inform the physician about any injected antibiotic, intake of muscle relaxants, allergy or cold medicine, sleep medicine. This would help your doctor advice you the right instructions, to get better results after the treatment with the minimum side-effects.
You must avoid the anti-inflammatory medications, blood thinners 2 weeks before undergoing the treatment to prevent the occurrence of bruises at the injection site.
Don’t hurry to undergo the treatment. Take your time to make a good research of the reputed doctor who is well trained and certified as such a person can provide you with the best treatment. Make sure that he has a successful previous track record of similar treatment. This is important because he can administer the right amount of dosage in order to help you get the desired look and avoid the occurrence of most of the side-effects which mainly result due to the lack of expertise of the physician. So getting the treatment done by the right physician can help you in avoiding most of the negative consequences after the treatment procedure.
Alternatives to Allergan Botox Some people are skeptical about Botox treatment. They can opt for alternatives such as Revitol products, the anti-aging solution by Dermology, which can provide similar outcome as that of Botox.

Dosage of Allergan Botox In order to make sure that the person doesn’t face anys isde effects,the treatment must be started with the least dosage in the initial period, after which it can be increased gradually. In the case of adults, the dose should not exceed 400 units in an interval of 3 months

Allergan Botox Overdose When an excess dose of Allergan Botox is administered, it can lead to neuromuscular weakness along with a number of symptoms. In the case of an accidental overdose, immediate medical supervision is necessary and he needs continuous supervision for a longer duration because the symptoms can be local or at a distant site If the oropharynx and esophagus musculature are affected, it can lead to aspiration pneumonia. The occurrence of respiratory muscle paralysis can lead to intubation and assisted respiration till recovery.

Before and after Allergan Botox
In case of cosmetic enhancement, you can find the disappearance of the wrinkles after a few days of the Botox treatment. So the wrinkles which appeared because of aging factor or external factors would become less visible and thus the treatment can make you look younger.

Questions and answers:
Does Allergan Botox work? Yes, Allergan Botox is an FDA approved treatment for cosmetic enhancement purposes. But its impact varies from person to person. It is less effective in the case of persons who can metabolize Botox easily.
How long does Allergan Botox last? Allergan Botox lasts for a period of 2-6 months, depending on the treatment method and the treatment purpose, such as for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes.
What is the price of Allergan Botox treatment? The average price of Allergan Botox treatment is about $300-$500.But it varies with the geographic region where you are opting for the treatment, the physician’s expertise and the amount of Botox injected.
How to get Allergan Botox prescription?
If you believe in Botox treatment and want to undergo the process for cosmetic enhancement purposes such as removal of wrinkles, then you can visit a reputed and experienced physician, who can prescribe such treatment for you. In certain other therapeutic cases also, this can be prescribed by the doctor. But you can purchase it from our online store even if you do not have a prescription with you, though we recommend you never to purchase it and use it without the guidance of an experienced physician as it can lead to unwanted side effects.


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