High density polyethylene for non-toxic, tasteless, no smelly white particles, melting point is about 130 ° C, relative density of 0.941 ~ 0.960. It has good heat resistance and cold resistance, chemical stability, but also has high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength. Dielectric properties, environmental stress cracking resistance sex also is good. 



1,HDPE film grade is widely used in the production of packing bag, film and so on.

2,Blow molding grade for making various bottles, cans, tanks , barrels

Injection-molding grade is for making food cases, plastic trays, goods containers.

3.Blow film product:Foodstuff packing bag, groceries shopping bags, chemical fertiliser lined with film, etc

4.Extruded product: Pipe, tube mainly used in gas transportation, public water and chemicals transport, such as building materials, gas pipe, hot water drain pipe etc: sheet material is mainly used in the seat, suitcase, handling containers.


HDPE Unit Typical Value
Mass density g/cm³ 0.941-0.959
Melt flow Rate(190 Centigrade /2.16kg) g/10min ≤1.0
Tensile yield strength MPa ≥19.0
Flexural modulus Mpa ≥965
Elongation@ break % ≥400
Impact Embrittlement temperature Centigrade MAX -118
Dielectric Constant 100KHZ 2.32
1MHZ 2.31
Loss Tangent 100KHZ MAX 0.0001
1MHZ MAX 0.0001
Volume resistivity  OHM-CM MIN 1×10 15


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