Our Partners

At Haufe Group BV, we thrive because of our integrity, dedication, and desire to provide quality supplies to clients across the globe. We are looking for passionate investors and stakeholders to work with us.

Working with us means you are guaranteed value-add marketing, distribution, and complete representation in one of the fastest thriving and most dynamic markets in the world.

Haufe Group BV is seeking international partners who are looking to market and promote their products in the Euro region and across the globe. We a reputable regional distributor and can help expand and reach your customer base.

We offer our partners strategic marketing help as well as import and export representation to organizations with a keen interest in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Also, Haufe Group BV provides its partners easy access to global markets through its tested and proven business-to-business networks in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and other potential markets.

our partners

Partner with Us | Solid Players In Europe & Globally

The goal of this global strategy is to better unite the teams in each of our regions and operations, increase collaboration, develop more opportunities for training and development, and create fluid lines of communications. As part of this strategy, and to continue our success and set bolder goals in the future, we are working on a system that will allow us to better track our data at a global scale and share progress on our goals.

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