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Loyalty is not bought or won, but hard-earned through continually providing market-leading products, achieving recognition for quality and assurance, providing added value, and through working together in true partnership to maintain & develop strong business relationships that last decades.

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To exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative and bespoke Assurance, Quality, On time submission/delivery and best service for all their operations and supply chain. To be globally recognized and provide our services 24/7.

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We pay full attention to the requests of our customers and provide products and services meeting with their satisfaction.

Haufe Group BV

Netherland’s top trading and export company

Haufe Group BV is a representative of a group of companies with a common interest that to have converge resources in place to better serve clients with a wide variety of standard quality goods and services both locally and internationally as well. Our origin over a decade ago have been faced with several challenges amongst which convergence of the best firms is gradually becoming in realistic and we are stopping at nothing to trend in this aspect and magnify your interests and cooperation as clients keep in touch with us for all inquiries and trades.

Western businesses may be extremely interested in the prospect of doing business internationally but are unclear about the practices, opportunities, necessary documentation, and vital overseas market characteristics. Likewise, overseas buyers may have a great interest in Dutch products, but may not know how to best search the market for products, or speak the language proficiently. Both aspects are essential for negotiating the best prices or effectively customizing products and documentation to meet local import/export laws. Haufe Group’s knowledge and philosophy help promote the right enterprising environment for export-ready manufacturers and their import-ready counterparts.

Haufe Group has the capabilities and knowledge to handle a variety of often potentially risky transactions, in the international trade environment. With such an interest and demand for European goods and products, Haufe Group’s knowledge of cultures and business practices, combined with excellent connections, market research, and a developed image, will provide your business with rewarding opportunities.


Combining our local knowledge, market intelligence, and global distribution network, we manage agricultural commodities and create value in the complex marketplace.

As a trading company, our core discipline is the selection of those products from various markets that bring the best value for those in demand. Import and export operations on our own and on behalf of third parties take into consideration the individual requirements of new markets.

Competitive pricing in new markets is difficult but very important. Adequate planning and verification of suppliers or buyers with regard to the introduction of new goods are necessary to gauge the possibility of any long-term business.

Our portfolio of foreign trade services works as a backbone for our own trading operations and for our corporate clients.

The simplification of underlying global trade processes and procedures through a quantitative and tailor-made approach is key. By employing analytical tools and automated human decision-making, we provide efficient and sustainable international trade solutions to our corporate clients, in order to minimize business and market risks and to enhance probable outcomes in new markets.

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“Haufe Group BV. is dedicated to the philosophy of facilitating trade between potential business venues through international awareness and sensitivity.”