Haufe Company Limited

Your Trusted Partner

Haufe Company Limited

Your Trusted Partner

Haufe Company Limited

Your Trusted Partner

Haufe Company Limited

Your Trusted Partner

Haufe Company Limited

Your Trusted Partner

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We have dedicated ourselves to provide you products of the highest quality of Europeans and international standards. Contact us any time and get a Free Quote

Haufe Company Limited provides the highest possible standards in edible oils, agricultural grains and seeds with all the benefits of an extensive products range and very best level of services. Our Company’s sole objective is to achieve a long term fulfilment through our supply chain while developing our network and brands .This helps in positioning our company as leading producer and marketer amongst our competitors. This company works with a range of growers ,distributors and strategic partners who share our vision for quality products and assisting us to supply our client bases across the globe.


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Our Services


We provide strategic collaboration with both suppliers and buyers of all products and services we offer. Get in touch with us for more information. Our products and services are unlike any. Trade with us and have the best quality of products in the market. We have quality assurance and control for all our products.  Our Support team is always ready to assist you. Call us at anytime to inquire about your consignment or how we can do business.

  • Move In/Outs & Deep Cleaning services only $59
  • Recurring discounts (monthly 5% off)
  • Simple flat rate pricing for you & your family!
  • Easy online booking


We established longer and closer working relationships with our clients and suppliers and not only provide immediate and reliable services. We create commercial flows – import and export products, arranging and managing international projects with our partners and others.

Our Client Niche


We ship our products to any where in Europe. This is one of our biggest market

North America

Canada and The United States has the greatest number of client in our portfolio.


Although the Asia market is new, we have fast growing client niche in this continent

South America

Our company also ship goods to South American countries like Brazil and Chile

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Join Our Happy Clients

Virginia Snyder

Have you been looking for a company that you can trade with? Search no more because Haufe Company Limited is here at your service. I came across this company in Alibaba while looking for a company to supply me with used phones and laptops. I got a trial order from them that was delivered to me within 2 weeks. I am a middle man working with many clients in The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. I got quality laptops and Phones from them that i supplied to some local vendors Though i had some delay for my confsignment to reach me as they promised, it was not very detrimental to my business as i still managed to supply my client before their deadline.

Harold Harrison

I Supply many different products to many companiesaround Europe. I came accross this company and decided to make a partial shippment to see their modus operandi and quality of their products. Behold it was one of the fasted and top quality of products I ever ordered. I then decided to make an order for a 40ft container of sugar. I had the problem with my order and the quality was awesome. They provided regular updates on my consignments with a 24/7 customer service to take my questions.

Debra Reyes

Getting the right partner for your business sometimes can be the key to ROI. I found this comapany on Alibaba and decided to make a trail order of just about 1500 boxes of double A4 papers. We agreed on the terms of trade and the delivery period behold, i got my consignment as planned right at my warehouse. I am very happy with the services and quality of their products as i have order different other prdcuts from them. You are encouraged to trade with them anytime.

Jean Romero

My company is very happy Haufe Company Limited for the products that they supplied to us. I found this company and from getting some indights from their marketing manager, i was encouraged to recommend this compnay to my boss. We immediately ordered some sugar from them. In less than a week we got the sugar being the best quality our company has ever traded in for over the years

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